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Mitradeep Sarkar


équipe Modélisation et Dynamique Multi-échelles

Mitradeep Sarkar did his M.Sc under the Erasmus Mundus scholarship from Université Paris Sud, France and TU Delft, Netherlands (2010-2012). He has received his PhD from the Université Paris Saclay (2015) under the direction of Dr. Michael Canva, for the work on hybrid surface plasmon modes and their application to bio-sensing. He did a post-doctoral research (2016-2017) at Institut d’Optique, (Laboratoire Charles Fabry, CNRS), France and University of Sherbrooke, Canada where he developed an experimental setup to determine the temperature distribution in nano-structures. He currently works on the determination of the Ludwig-Soret and thermo-diffusion coefficients of ferrofluids using Forced Rayleigh Scattering.

Selected Publications

Hybrid plasmonic mode by resonant coupling of localized plasmons to propagating plasmons in a Kretschmann configuration, M Sarkar, M Besbes, J Moreau, J.F. Bryche, A Olivéro, G Barbillon, A.L. Coutrot, B Bartenlian, M. Canva, ACS Photonics, Volume 2, Pages 237, 2015

Directional surface enhanced Raman scattering on gold nano-gratings, Raymond Gillibert, M Sarkar, J.F. Bryche, R.Yasukuni, J.Moreau, M.Besbes, G.Barbillon, B.Bartenlian, M.Canva, M. Lamy de la Chapelle, Nanotechnology, Volume 27(11), Pages 115202, 2016

Generalized analytical model based on harmonic coupling for hybrid plasmonic modes : comparison with numerical and experimental results, M Sarkar, J.F Bryche, J.Moreau, M.Besbes, G.Barbillon, B.Bartenlian, M.Canva, Optics Express, Volume 23(21), Pages 27376, 2015