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Equipe Colloïdes Inorganiques

Fluorescence confocal scanning microscopy for pH mapping in a coaxial flow microreactor : application in the synthesis of superparamagnetic nanoparticles, Abou Hassan, Ali ; Dufreche, Jean-Francois ; Sandre, Olivier ; Meriguet, Guillaume ; Bernard, Olivier ; Cabuil, Valerie, Journal of Chemical Physics C, (2009), 113, 18097-18105
Synthesis of Goethite by Separation of the Nucleation and Growth Processes of Ferrihydrite Nanoparticles using Microfluidics, Abou Hassan, Ali ; Sandre, Olivier (...)

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Equipe Electrochimie et Liquides Ioniques

Study of the fluorination of carbon anode in molten KF-2HF by XPS and NMR investigations
I. Crassous, H. Groult, F. Lantelme, D. Devilliers, A. Tressaud, C. Labrugère, M. Dubois, C. Belhomme, A. Colisson & B. Morel, J. Fluorine Chem. 130 (12), 1080-1085 (2009) Electrochemical formation of carbon nano-powders with various porosities in molten alkali carbonates
K. Le Van, H. Groult, F. Lantelme, M. Dubois, D. Avignant, A. Tressaud, S. Komaba, N. Kumagai & S. Sigrist, Electrochim. (...)

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Equipe Modélisation et Dynamique Multi-échelles

Models of electrolyte solutions from molecular descriptions : The example of NaCl solutions
John J. Molina, Jean-François Dufrèche, Mathieu Salanne, Olivier Bernard, Marie Jardat & Pierre Turq Phys. Rev. E 80 (6) 065103 (2009) The construction of a reliable potential for GeO2 from first principles
Dario Marrocchelli, Mathieu Salanne, Paul A. Madden, Christian Simon & Pierre Turq Mol. Phys., 107 (4 - 6) 443-452 (2009) Heat-transport properties of molten fluorides : Determination (...)

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