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Équipe Colloïdes Inorganiques

Giant vesicles containing magnetic nanoparticles and quantum dots : feasibility and tracking by fiber confocal fluorescence microscopy,
Beaune, Gregory ; Dubertret, Benoit ; Clément, Olivier ; Vayssettes, Catherine ; Cabuil, Valérie ; Ménager, Christine,
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, (2007),46,5421-5424

Size Distribution of Superparamagnetic Particles Determined by Magnetic Sedimentation,
Berret, J.-F. ; Sandre, O. ; Mauger, A.,
Langmuir, (2007),23,2993-2999

Size-sorted anionic iron oxide nanomagnets as colloidal mediators for magnetic hyperthermia
Fortin, Jean-Paul ; Wilhelm, Claire ; Servais, Jacques ; Menager, Christine ; Bacri, Jean-Claude ; Gazeau, Florence,
Journal of the American Chemical Society, (2007), 129, 2628-2635

Anisotropic reinforcement of nanocomposites tuned by magnetic orientation of the filler network
Jestin, Jacques ; Cousin, Fabrice ; Dubois, Isabelle ; Ménager, Christine ; Schweins, Ralph ; Oberdisse, Julian ; Boué, François,
Advanced Materials, (2007),2008, 20, 2533-2540

The in vitro kinetics of the interactions between PEG-ylated magnetic-fluid-loaded liposomes and macrophages
Martina, Marie-Sophie ; Ménager, Christine ; Barratt, Gillian ; Lesieur, Sylviane ; Wilhelm, Claire ; Nicolas, Valérie,
Biomaterials, (2007),28,4143

Magnetic targeting of nanometric magnetic_fluid loaded liposomes to specific brain intravascular areas : a dynamic imaging study in mice.
Rivière C., Martina M.S., Tomita Y., Wilhelm C., Tran Dinh A., Ménager C., Pinard E., Lesieur S., Gazeau F., Seylaz J.
Radiology,(2007), 244, 2, 439.

Mercury-based cobalt magnetic fluids and cobalt nanoparticles,
Massart, René ; Rasolonjatovo, B. ; Neveu, Sophie ; Cabuil, Valérie,
J. Magn. Magn. Mat. (2007), 308, 10-14

Experimental Determination of the Soret Coefficient of Ionic Ferrofluids : Influence of the Volume Fraction and Ionic Strength,
Mériguet, Guillaume ; Demouchy, Gilles ; Dubois, Emmanuelle ; Perzynski, Régine ; Bourdon, Alain,
J. Non-Equilib. Thermodyn. (2007), 32, 3, 271-279

Sterically stabilized superparamagnetic liposomes for MR imaging and cancer therapy : pharmacokinetics and biodistribution,
Plassat, Vincent ; Martina, Marie-Sophie ; Barrat, Gillian ; Ménager, Christine ; Lesieur, Sylviane,
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, (2007), 344, 118-127

Internal structure of Hela magnetic endosomes,
Rivière, Charlotte ; Wilhelm, Claire ; Cousin, Fabrice ; Dupuis, Vincent ; Gazeau, Florence ; Perzynski, Regine,
The european Physics J. E, (2007), 22, 1-10

Superparamagnetic relaxation evidences large surface contribution for magnetic anisotropy of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles of ferrofluids,
C.R. Alves, R. Aquino, J. Depeyrot, F.A. Tourinho, E. Dubois, R. Perzynski
J. Mater. Science (2007) 42, 2297-2303

In-field Mössbauer study of the disordered surface contribution in nickel ferrite nanomagnets.
E.C. Sousa, M.H. Sousa, H.R. Rechenberg, G.F. Goya, F.A. Tourinho, R. Perzynski, J. Depeyrot.
J. Magn. Magn. Mat. (2007) 310, 1020-102.

Magnetic targeting of rhodamine-labeled superparamagnetic liposomes to solid tumors : in vivo tracking by fibered confocal fluorescence microscopy.
Martina, Marie-Sophie ; Fortin, Jean-Paul ; Fournier, Laure ; Ménager, Christine ; Gazeau, Florence ; Clément, Olivier ; Lesieur, Sylviane,
Molecular Imaging, (2007), 6, 2, 140-146.

Effective exponents in the long-range critical wetting of alkanes on aqueous
substrates ;

V. Weiss, E. Bertrand, S. Rafaï, J.O. Indekeu and D. Bonn ;
Phys. Rev. E. (2007) 76, 051602.