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Équipe Colloïdes Inorganiques

Magnetization temperature dependence and freezing of surface spins in magnetic fluids based on ferrite nanoparticles,
Aquino, Renata ; Depeyrot, J. ; Sousa, M.H. ; Tourinho, F.A. ; Dubois, Emmanuelle ; Perzynski, R. ;
Physical Review B (2005), 72, 184435

Blocking phenomena studies on ferronematics,
C. Saravia, D. ; Bee, Agnes ; Maluf Shibli, Suhaila,
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
(2005), 289, 152-154

Phase Behavior of Nanoparticles in a Thermotropic Liquid Crystal,
Da Cruz Cristina ; Sandre Olivier ; Cabuil Valérie,
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
(2005), 109, 30, 14292-14299

Iron oxide nanoaprticle-labeled rat smooth muscle cells : cardiac MR imaging for cell graft monitoring and quantification
Gazeau Florence ; Pons Jean-Noel ; Roger Jacky ; Rivière Charlotte ; Boughene Fp ; Laissy Jp ; Allaire E. ; Michel Jb ; Letourneur Didier ; Deux, Jean-Francois,
Radiology, (2005), 235, 959-967

Magnetic fiel effects on viscous fingering of a ferrofluid in a radial Hele-Shaw cell.
Herreman Wietze ; Molho Pierre ; Neveu Sophie,
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, (2005), 289, 356-359

Magnetic nanocomposite micelles and vesicles,
Lecommandoux Sébastien ; Sandre Olivier ; Chécot Frédéric ; Rodriguez-Hernandez Juan ; Perzynski Régine,
Advanced Materials (2005), 17, 6, 712-718

Wetting of glass surface covered with Teflon by ferrofluid as a function of concentration and size of grains, and pH of the solution.
Magalhaes Marcia ; M. Neto Figueiredo Antonio ; Bee Agnes ; Talbot Delphine ; Bourdon Alain,
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, (2005), 289,385-388

Generation of superparamagnetic liposomes revealed as highly efficient MRI contrast agents for in vivo imaging.
Martina Marie-Sophie ; Fortin Jean-Paul ; Ménager Christine ; Clément Olivier ; Barratt Gillian ; Grabielle-Madelmont Cécile ; Gazeau Florence ; Cabuil Valérie ; Lesieur Sylviane,
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2005), 127, 30, 10676-10685.

Magnetic nano- and microparticles for metal removal and environmental applications : a review.
Ngomsik Audrey-Flore ; Bee Agnes ; Draye Micheline ; Cote Gérard ; Cabuil Valérie,
Comptes Rendus Chimie, (2005), 8, 963-970

Ferrofluids from Prism-Like Nanoparticles,
Ramaye, Yannic ; Neveu, Sophie ; Cabuil, Valérie,
J. Magn. Magn. Mat., (2005), 289, 28-31

Magneto-optical nanoparticle-doped silica-titania planar waveguides,
Royer François, Jamon Damien, Rousseau Jean Jacques, Roux H., Cabuil Valérie, Zins Daniel,
Applied Physics Letters, (2005), 86, 011107

Sm and Y radiolabelled magnetic fluids : magnetic and magneto-optical characterization,
R. Aquino, J.A. Gomes, F.A. Tourinho, E. Dubois, R. Perzynski, G.J. da Silva, J. Depeyrot ;
J. Magn. Magn. Mat. (2005) 289, 431-434

Synthesis of High Molar Mass Poly(n-Butyl Methacrylate)-b-Polystyrene Diblock Copolymers by ATRP : Formulation of Lamellar Phases in Thin Films,
S. Douadi, O. Sandre, V. Cabuil, B. Hamdouml, M. Save, B. Charleux ;
Polymer Preprints (2005) 46 (2) 440-441.

Regeneration of Thixotropic Magnetic Gels Studied by Mechanical Spectroscopy : the Effect of the pH ;
A. Ponton, A. Bee, D. Talbot, R. Perzynski ;
J. Phys : Condensed Matter (2005) 17, 822-836.

Orientational Dynamics in Magnetic Fluids under Srong Coupling of External and Internal Relaxation ;
Yu. L. Raikher, V.I. Stepanov, J.C. Bacri, R. Perzynski ;
J. Magn. Magn. Mat. (2005) 289, 222-225

Forced Rayleigh Scattering Experiments in Concentrated Magnetic Fluids : Effect of Interparticle Interactions on the Diffusion Coefficient ;
G. Meriguet, E. Dubois, A. Bourdon, G. Demouchy, V. Dupuis, R. Perzynski ;
J. Magn. Magn. Mat. (2005) 289, 39-42

Effect of surface anisotropy on the magnetic resonance properties of nanosize ferroparticles.
dans "Surface effects in magnetic nanoparticles"
R. Perzynski, Yu. L. Raikher ;
Ed. D. Fiorani, Springer, New York (2005), p. 141-187.

Experimental investigation of Superspin glass dynamics.
D. Parker, F. Ladieu, E. Vincent, G. Mériguet, E. Dubois, V. Dupuis, R. Perzynski ;
J. of Applied Physics (2005) 97, 10A 5002

Aging, rejuvenation and memory phenomena in spin glasses ;
V. Dupuis, F. Bert, J.-P. Bouchaud, F. Ladieu, D. Parker, E. Vincent ;