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Equipe Electrochimie et Liquides Ioniques

par Mathieu Salanne - 28 février 2017

- Surface-Initiated Synthesis of Bulk-Imprinted Magnetic Polymer for Protein Recognition
C. Boitard, A.-L. Rollet, C. Ménager et N. Griffete, Chem. Comm. 53, 8846-8849 (2017)

- Structural and Morphological Description of Sn/SnOx Core–Shell Nanoparticles Synthesized and Isolated from Ionic Liquid
N. Soulmi, D. Dambournet, C. Rizzi, J. Sirieix-Plénet, M. Duttine, A. Wattiaux, J. Swiatowska, O. Borkiewicz, H. Groult et L. Gaillon, Inorg. Chem. 56, 10099-10106 (2017)

- Solid Fluoride Electrolytes and Their Composite with Carbon : Issues and Challenges for Rechargeable Solid State Fluoride-Ion Batteries
A. Grenier, A. G. Porras-Gutierrez, M. Body, C. Legein, F. Chrétien, E. Raymundo-Piñero, M. Dollé, H. Groult et D. Dambournet, J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 24962-24970 (2017)

- Reversible magnesium and aluminium ions insertion in cation-deficient anatase TiO2
T. Koketsu, J. Ma, B. Morgan, M. Body, C. Legein, W. Dachraoui, M. Giannini, A. Demortière, M. Salanne, F. Dardoize, H. Groult, O. Borkiewicz, K. Chapman, P. Strasser et D. Dambournet, Nat. Mater. 16, 1142–1148 (2017)

- Partial breaking of the Coulombic ordering of ionic liquids confined in carbon nanopores
R. Futamura, T. Iiyama, Y. Takasaki, Y. Gogotsi, M. Biggs, M. Salanne, J. Ségalini, P. Simon et K. Kaneko, Nat. Mater. (2017)

- Layered Lepidocrocite Type Structure Isolated by Revisiting the Sol−
Gel Chemistry of Anatase TiO2 : A New Anode Material for Batteries

Jiwei Ma, Kyle Reeves, Ana-Gabriela Porras Gutierrez, Monique Body, Christophe Legein, Katsuyoshi Kakinuma, Olaf Borkiewicz, Karena Chapman, Henri Groult, Mathieu Salanne et Damien Dambournet, Chem. Mater. 29, 8313–8324 (2017)

- Ionic liquids for supercapacitor applications
Mathieu Salanne, Top. Curr. Chem., 375, 63 (2017)

- Electrochemical reactions in fluoride-ion batteries : mechanistic insights from pair distribution function analysis
A. Grenier, A.-G. Porras-Gutierrez, H. Groult, K.A. Beyer, O.J. Borkiewicz, K.W. Chapman et D. Dambournet, J. Mater. Chem. A, 5, 15700-15705 (2017)

- A Reversible Phase Transition for Sodium Insertion in Anatase TiO2
W. Li, M. Fukunishi, B.J. Morgan, O.J. Borkiewicz, K.W. Chapman, V. Pralong, A. Maignan, O.I. Lebedev, J. Ma, H. Groult, S. Komaba et D. Dambournet, Chem. Mater., 29, 1836-1844 (2017)

- Ionic magnetic fluids in polar solvents with tuned counter-ions
C. Lopes Filomeno, M. Kouyaté, F. Cousin, G. Demouchy, E. Dubois, L. Michot, G. Mériguet, R. Perzynski, V. Peyre, J. Sirieix-Plénet et F.A. Tourinho, J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 431, 2-7 (2017)

- Identify OH groups in TiOF2 and their impact on the lithium intercalation properties
W. Li, M. Body, C. Legein et D. Dambournet, J. Solid State Chem., 246, 113-118 (2017)

- Solvothermal Temperature Drives Morphological and Compositional changes through De-Hydroxyfluorination in Anatase Nanoparticles
W. Li, M. Body, C. Legein, O.J. Borkiewicz et D. Dambournet, Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2017, 192-197 (2017)

- Confinement Effects on an Electron Transfer Reaction in Nanoporous Carbon Electrodes
Z. Li, G. Jeanmairet, T. Méndez-Morales, M. Burbano, M. Haefele et M. Salanne, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 8, 1925–1931 (2017)

- Classical Polarizable Force Field To Study Dry Charged Clays and Zeolites
S. Tesson, W. Louisfrema, M. Salanne, A. Boutin, B. Rotenberg et V. Marry, J. Phys. Chem. C, 121, 9833 (2017)

- Study of NaF–AlF3 Melts by Coupling Molecular Dynamics, Density Functional Theory, and NMR Measurements
K. Machado, D. Zanghi, V. Sarou-Kanian, S. Cadars, M. Burbano, M. Salanne et Catherine Bessada, J. Phys. Chem. C, sous presse (2017)

- Probing ice VII crystallization from amorphous NaCl–D2O solutions at gigapascal pressures
A.-A. Ludl, L.E. Bove, D. Corradini, A.M. Saitta, M. Salanne, C.L. Bull et S. Klotz, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 19, 1875-1883 (2017)

- Challenges and issues facing lithium metal for solid state rechargeable batteries
A. Mauger, M. Armand, C.M. Julien et K. Zaghib, J. Power Sources, 353, 333-342 (2017)

- Nanotechnology of positive electrodes for Li-ion batteries
X. Zhang, A.-G. Porras-Gutierrez, A. Mauger, H. Groult et C.M. Julien, Inorganics, 5, 25 (2017)

- Studies of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries : recent progress and new challenges
F. Schipper, P. Kumar-Nayak, E.M.S. Erikson, S.F. Amalraj, O. Srur-Lavi, P. Tirupati-Rao, M. Talianker, J. Grinblat, H. Sclar, O. Breur, C.M. Julien, N. Munichandraiah, D. Kovacheva, M. Dixit, D. Mayor, B. Markovsky et D. Aurbach, Inorganics, 5, 32 (2017)

- Investigation of the reaction mechanism of lithium sulfur batteries in different electrolyte systems by in situ Raman spectroscopy and in situ X-ray diffraction
W. Zhu, A. Paolella, C.-S. Kim, Z. Feng, D. Liu, C. Gagnon, J. Trottier, A. Vijh, A. Guerfi, A. Mauger, C. M. Julien, M. Armand et K. Zaghib, Sust. Energy & Fuels, sous presse (2017)

- Studies of spinel-to-layered structural transformations in LiMn2O4 electrodes charged to high voltages
N. Leifer, F. Schipper, C. Ghanty, E.M. Erickson, M. Talianker, Y. Grinblat, C.M. Julien, B. Markovsky et D. Aurbach, J. Phys. Chem. C, 121, 9120–9130 (2017)

- Ca2+ - Cl- association in water revisited : the role of cation hydration
M. Salanne, S. Tazi, R. Vuilleumier, B. Rotenberg, Chem. Phys. Chem., 18, 2807 (2017).