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Equipe Electrochimie et Liquides Ioniques

par Benjamin Rotenberg - 5 février 2016

- Efficient storage mechanisms for building better supercapacitors
M. Salanne, B. Rotenberg, K. Naoi, K. Kaneko, P.-L. Taberna, C. Grey, B. Dunn et P. Simon, Nature Energy, 1, 16070 (2016)

- Collective water dynamics in the first solvation shell drive the NMR relaxation of aqueous quadrupolar cations
A. Carof, M. Salanne, T. Charpentier et B. Rotenberg, J. Chem. Phys., 145, 124508 (2016)

- Multi-scale modelling of supercapacitors : From molecular simulations
to a transmission line model

C. Péan, B. Rotenberg, P. Simon et M. Salanne, J. Power Sources, 326, 680 (2016)

- Stockage de charge dans les carbones nanoporeux : L’origine moléculaire de la supercapacité
C. Merlet, C. Péan, M. Salanne et B. Rotenberg, Actual. Chim., 408-409, 43 (2016)

- Understanding the different (dis)charging steps of supercapacitors : influence of potential and solvation
C. Péan, B. Rotenberg, P. Simon et M. Salanne, Electrochim. Acta, 206, 504 (2016)

- A Classical Polarizable Force Field for Clays : Pyrophyllite and Talc
S. Tesson, M. Salanne, B. Rotenberg, S. Tazi et V. Marry, J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 3749 (2016)

- Silver ion deposition on gold and silver disc electrodes from aqueous solutions and from dry or wet EMIM-NTf2 room-temperature ionic liquid
D. Liu, D. Krulic, H. Groult et N. Fatouros, J. Electroanal. Chem., 775, 91-104 (2016)

- Urchin-like alpha-MnO2 formed by nanoneedles for high-performance lithium batteries
A.E. Abdel-Ghany, R. El-Tawil, A. Bhaskar, B. Hunzinger, H. Ehrenberg, A. Mauger et C.M. Julien, Ionics, 22, 2263–2271 (2016)

- Structural properties and application in lithium cells of Li(Ni0.5Co0.5)1-yFeyO2 (0 y 0.25) prepared by sol-gel route : Doping optimization
A.E. Abdel-Ghany, A.M. Hashem, E.A. Elzahany, H.A. Abuzeid, S. Indris, K. Nikolowski, H. Ehrenberg, K. Zaghib, A. Mauger et C.M. Julien, J. Pow. Sources, 320, 168-179 (2016)

- Optimization of Layered Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
C.M. Julien, A. Mauger, K. Zaghib et H. Groult, Materials, 9, 595 (2016)

- In operando scanning electron microscopy and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy studies of lithium/sulfur cells using all solid-state polymer electrolyte
H. Marceau, C.-S. Kim, A. Paolella, S. Ladouceur, M. Lagace, M. Chaker, Mohamed, A. Vijh, A. Guerfi, C.M. Julien, A. Mauger, M. Armand, P. Hovington, Pierre et K. Zaghib, J. Pow. Sources, 319, 247-254 (2016)

- Olivine-Based Blended Compounds as Positive Electrodes for Lithium Batteries
C.M. Julien, A. Mauger, J. Trottier, K. Zaghib, P. Hovington et H. Groult, Inorganics, 4, 17 (2016)

- Smart materials for energy storage in Li-ion batteries
C.M. Julien, A. Mauger, A.E. Abdel-Ghany, A.M. Hashem et K. Zaghib, AIMS Materials Science, 3, 137-148 (2016)

- Carbon nanotubes in Li-ion batteries : A review
P. Sehrawat, C.M. Julien et S.S. Islam, Mater. Sci. Eng. B, 213, 12-40 (2016)

- Influence of Ti and Zr dopants on the electrochemical performance of LiCoO2 film cathodes prepared by rf-magnetron sputtering
K. Sivajee-Ganesh, B. Purusottam-Reddy, O.M. Hussain, A. Mauger et C.M. Julien, Mater. Sci. Eng. B, 209, 30-36 (2016)

- Electro-synthesis, characterization and photoconducting performance of ITO/polybithiophene-MnO2 composite
H. Zouaoui, D. Abdi, A. Bahloul, B. Nessark, E. Briot, H. Groult, A. Mauger et C.M. Julien, Mater. Sci. Eng. B, 208, 29-38 (2016)

- Composite anodes for lithium-ion batteries : status and trends
A. Mauger, H. Xie et C.M. Julien, AIMS Materials Science, 3, 1054 (2016)

- Morphology dependent PL quenching of multi-zone nanoporous silicon : Size variant silicon nanocrystallites on a single chip
S. Dhanekar, S.S. Islam, C.M. Julien et A. Mauger, Materials & Design, 101, 152-159 (2016)

- Blend formed by oxygen deficient MoO3 oxides as lithium-insertion compounds
A.M. Hashem, S.M. Abbas, A.E. Abdel-Ghany, A.E. Eid, A.A. Abdel-Khalek, S. Indris, H. Ehrenberg, A. Mauger et C.M. Julien, J. Alloys Compounds, 686, 744-752 (2016)

- Sol-Gel Chemistry of Titanium Alkoxide toward HF : Impacts of Reaction Parameters
W. Li, M. Body, C. Legein et D. Dambournet, Crystal Growth & Design, 16, 5441-5447 (2016)

- Atomic Insights into Nanoparticle Formation of Hydroxyfluorinated Anatase Featuring Titanium Vacancies
W. Li, M. Body, C. Legein, O.J. Borkiewicz et D. Dambournet, Inorg. Chem., 55, 7182-7187 (2016)

- How Should Iron and Titanium be Combined in Oxides to Improve Photoelectrochemical Properties ?
S. Petit, S.T.A.G. Melissen, L. Duclaux, M.T. Sougrati, T. Le Bahers, P. Sautet, D. Dambournet, O. Borkiewicz, C. Laberty-Robert et O. Durupthy, J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 24521-24532 (2016)

- Modified coin cells to evaluate the electrochemical properties of solid-state fluoride-ion batteries at 150 °C
A. Grenier, A.G. Porras Gutierrez, H. Groult et D. Dambournet, J. Fluor. Chem., 191, 23-28 (2016)

- Ionic liquids versus ionic liquid-based surfactants in dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction for determining copper in water by flame atomic absorption spectrometry
J.F. Ayala-Cabrera, M.J. Trujillo-Rodriguez, V. Pino, O.M. Hernandez-Torres, A.M. Afonso et J. Sirieix-Plenet, Int. J. Environ. An. Ch., 96, 101-118 (2016)

- Influence of counterions on the conformation of conjugated polyelectrolytes : the case of poly(thiophen-3-ylacetic acid)
G. Hostnik, M. Boncina, C. Dolce, G. Meriguet, A.-L. Rollet et J. Cerar, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 18, 25036-25047 (2016)

- Counter-ion binding and mobility in the presence of hydrophobic polyions - combining molecular dynamics simulations and NMR
M. Druchok, N. Malikova, A.-L. Rollet et V. Vlachy, AIP Advances, 6, 065214 (2016)

- Formulation of Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductivity of NaF, Na3AlF6, Na5Al3F14, and Molten Na3AlF6 Supported by Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics and Density Functional Theory
A.E. Gheribi, M. Salanne et P. Chartrand, J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 22873-22886 (2016)

- Capacitance of nanoporous carbon-based supercapacitors is a trade-off between the concentration and the separability of the ions
R. Burt, K. Breitsprecher, B. Daffos, P.-L. Taberna, P. Simon, G. Birkett, X.S. Zhao, C. Holm et M. Salanne, J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, 4015–4021 (2016)

- A DFT-Based Aspherical Ion Model for Sodium Aluminosilicate Glasses and Melts
Y. Ishii, M. Salanne, T. Charpentier, K. Shiraki, K. Kasahara et N. Ohtori, J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 24370-24381 (2016)

- Dynamic Response in Nanoelectrowetting on a Dielectric
J. Roy Choudhuri, D. Vanzo, P.A. Madden, M. Salanne, D. Bratko et A. Luzar, ACS Nano, 10, 8536–8544 (2016)

- Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Influence of Drop Size and Surface Potential on the Contact Angle of Ionic-Liquid Droplets
R. Burt, G. Birkett, M. Salanne et X.S. Zhao, J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 15244–15250 (2016)

- Sparse cyclic excitations explain the low ionic conductivity of stoichiometric Li7La3Zr2O12
M. Burbano, D. Carlier, F. Boucher, B. Morgan et M. Salanne, Phys. Rev. Lett., 116, 135901 (2016)

- Coordination numbers and physical properties in molten salts and their mixtures
D. Corradini, P.A. Madden et M. Salanne, Faraday Discuss., 190, 471-486 (2016)

- Nano-CoF3 prepared by direct fluorination with F2 gas : Application as electrode material in Li-ion battery
H. Groult, S. Neveu, S. Leclerc, A.-G. Porras-Gutierrez, C.M. Julien, A. Tressaud, E. Durand, N. Penin et C. Labrugere, J. Fluor. Chem., 196, 117-127 (2016)