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Séminaire 15.05.2013 à 14h

par Mathieu Salanne - 19 avril 2013

Ana B. Dávila-Ibáñez présentera un séminaire le 15 mai 2013 à 14h00 dans la bibliothèque du laboratoire PECSA (7e étage, bâtiment F, porte 754) intitulé :

Synthesis and Functionalization of Magnetic Nanostructures for different Applications


Magnetic nanoparticles show great promise for a huge range of applications on which the major advantages correspond to their magnetic nature and ease of biofunctionalization. This seminar focuses therefore on the synthesis of magnetic nanomaterials, functionalized in a way to direct them into these potential applications.

The basic idea is to exert certain control over the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles, over their manipulation and interactions in solution, such that we can assemble them to form composites or nanostructures with specific characteristics.

Magnetic nanoparticles of amorphous Co-B alloy, of magnetite (Fe3O4) (single and multiple core) and of cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) were synthesized and further coated wit silica in order to increase their colloidal stability. They were structurally and magnetically characterized. Two main approaches were designed in order to functionalize the silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles, taking advantage of the deposition of DNA fragments on their surface and assembling them to a second optically or catalytically active component to obtain hybrid nanostructures.