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Séminaire 07.03.2012 - 11:00

par Guillaume Mériguet - 2 mars 2012

Balachandran Jeyadevan, professeur au Department of Material Science, Faculty of Engineering (University of Shiga Prefecture, Hikone City, Japan), actuellement invité à l’Université Paris 7, présentera un séminaire mercredi 7 Mars 2012 à 11h à la bibliothèque du 7e étage du laboratoire PECSA. Il sera intitulé :

Potential of Polyols and alcohols based Processes in Inorganic Nanomaterial Synthesis


Inorganic nanoparticles are known to exhibit novel physical properties compared to their bulk counterparts. Consequently, synthesis technologies for oxides, metal and alloy nanoparticles have been developed, properties investigated and engineering and medical applications based on such materials have been actively pursued. In spite of the fact that the reaction mechanisms involved in polyol and alcohol processes are complicated and relatively poorly understood, the processes entertain us with products which have not been easily achieved with aqueous or other non-aqueous processes. In this talk, an introduction to polyol process, progress in the synthesis of transition metal and transition metal-based alloy nanoparticles using polyol process, application of polyol experience to alcohol-based processes to nanomaterial synthesis and advantage of polyol and alcohol-based techniques over aqueous processing will be introduced and discussed.