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Séminaire 12.01.2010 - 16h00

par Guillaume Mériguet - 4 janvier 2010

Norikazu Ohtori (Graduate School of Science and Technology, Niigata University, Japon) présentera le mardi 12 janvier à 16h dans la bibliothèque du laboratoire (pièce 754, 7e étage, Bâtiment F) le séminaire suivant :

MD calculations of thermal conductivity of molten salts. From the Fumi-Tosi model to polarizable ion model


Inorganic molten salts are expected to be useful as heat media in energy
conversion systems at high temperatures, such as solar thermal power plants
and the next generation nuclear reactors, since many of them are stable in
a wide range of temperatures. However, our knowledge of thermal conductivity
for them is not enough for using them under the most efficient condition,
since the accurate determination using experimental methods is extremely
difficult at high temperatures. In this talk, the behavior of thermal conductivity
of molten alkali halides clarified by MD calculation using the Fumi-Tosi
model will be reviewed. Furthermore, recent more accurate results obtained
by using polarizable ion model will also be shown.