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Séminaire 06.07.2009 - 10h30

par Guillaume Mériguet - 23 juin 2009

Klemen Bohinc de la Faculty of Health Studies University de Ljubljana présentera un séminaire intitulé :

Interaction of Rod-like Ions with Charged Surfaces

Le séminaire aura lieu le lundi 6 juillet à 10h30 dans dans la bibliothèque du laboratoire (Bât. F, 7e étage, porte 754).


In my talk, I will consider the charged surfaces which are in contact with an electrolyte solution composed of charged rod-like particles. The system is theoretically described by a functional density theory. The conditions for the attractive interaction between like-charged surfaces mediated by rod-like ions will be considered and the adsorption of rod-like particles on the highly charged surfaces will be studied. The theoretical results will be compared with the Monte Carlo simulations. At the end the preliminary experimental results with multivalent rod-like ions will be shown.