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Emmanuelle Dubois

by Emmanuelle Dubois - 8 February 2017

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Research director, CNRS
- email :
- Tél. : +33 (0) 1 4427 3267
- Fax : +33 (0) 1 4427 3228
- Corridor 42-32, 2nd floor, room 218

Research activities

Charged complex systems:

  • Structure and stability of colloidal dispersions in ionic liquids and polar organic solvents.
  • Study of the particle/liquid interface. Charge of colloidal objects. Electroacoustic measurements.
  • Water dynamics in clays
  • Dynamics of charged species in porous media

Some recent articles

  • C. Lopes Filomeno, M. Kouyaté, F. Cousin, G. Demouchy, E. Dubois, L. Michot, G. Mériguet, R. Perzynski, V. Peyre, J. Sirieix-Plénet, F.A. Tourinho Tuning the Solid/Liquid Interface in Ionic Colloidal Dispersions: Influence on their Structure and Thermodiffusive Properties
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 121, 5539-5550 (2017)
  • C. Chassagne, E. Dubois, M.L. Jimenez, J. P. M van der Ploeg, J. van Turnhout
    Compensating for Electrode Polarization in Dielectric Spectroscopy Studies of Colloidal Suspensions : Theoretical Assessment of Existing Methods
    Frontiers in Chemistry, Volume 4, Article 30 (2016)
  • R. Pusset, S. Gourdin, E. Dubois, J. Chevalet, G. M ́eriguet, O. Bernard, V. Dahirel, M. Jardat D. Jacob
    Nonideal effects in electroacoustics of solutions of charged particles : combined experi- mental and theoretical analysis from simple electrolytes to small nanoparticles
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17, 11779-11789 (2015)
  • M. Mamusa, J. Sirieix-Plénet, R. Perzynski, F. Cousin, E. Dubois, V. Peyre
    Concentrated assemblies of magnetic nanoparticles in ionic liquids
    Faraday Discussions, 181, 193-209 (2015)
  • M. Mamusa, J. Sirieix-Pl ́enet, F. Cousin, E. Dubois and V. Peyre
    Tuning the colloidal stability in ionic liquids by controlling the nanoparticles/liquid interface
    Soft Matter,10, 1097, (2014)
  • V. Marry, E. Dubois, N. Malikova, J. Breu, and W. Haussler
    Anisotropy of Water Dynamics in Clays : Insights from Molecular Simulations for Ex- perimental QENS Analysis
    J. Phys. Chem. C, 117 (29), pp 15106–15115, (2013)

Link to all publications through HAL here.